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Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya Biography :

Andi Soraya is a star model, ads and soap opera acting star was born in Jakarta, June 18, 1976. Started his career as a star of world models, before then penetrated in the advertising world and the role of art.

As a model, she has starred in advertising products Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri and Hit. While the soap opera that starred in them Reincarnation, Last Tears, Eclipse and the Three Women aired on RCTI.

Andi Soraya
is known as a lover of pesinetron Steve Emmanuel. Both are living the life 'cohabiting' and live in the same house. Relationship without the marriage bond is produced a son, Darren. Meanwhile, from previous marriage with Ahmad Kurnia Andi Wibawa, blessed with a son, Shawn.

Andi Soraya accused of throwing a glass at the wife of a businessman, Vishnu Wanto. These events occurred at nightclubs in the area of Kemang, Second Floor. The process of this trial has lasted for about 6 months, until hearing the reading of the verdict hearing was held.

While waiting for the completion of the case, Andi still doing his work as an actress as ever. The actress who had clashed with pedangdut sensational, Goddess Perssik it appears in the movie YOU SATISFIED MY lackluster.

August 2008, Andi again prove their work in the world of acting by re-playing on the big screen movie. This time Andi Soraya play in fillm mystery suspense, GHOST ABORTION.

Associated with cases of violence involving Andi, finally found clarity. On October 9, 2008, at the South Jakarta District Court, Andi Soraya charged with criminal penalties for 3 months.

Mid-February 2009, Andi Soraya again preached at odds with fellow artists. This time, she was at odds with the model, actress Catherine Wilson.

Although rumored to have split up, but the star Pocong implant (2009) is again seen near the former spouse of his life, Steve Immanuel in early June 2009.

Mau Donk Ahstar, seems to have ended the story of her love with Steve. In October 2009, appeared the photographs lovingly with a foregoing. Ferly Son, a young man who also has existed in the entertainment world, which was close by Andi Soraya at this time.

Andi Soraya returned to bold scenes in the movie. This time he lined up to star as the main actor in the adult horror film HANTU PUNCAK DATANG BULAN. In the film, Andie must have the courage to do hot scenes, including joint Ferly.

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